The Workshop


‘Subjective,’ is often used for describing an individual’s private experience or opinions as different from ‘objective,’ measurable or verifiable facts. Sometimes the word ‘subject’ is applied to those who perform actions; but the word is equally used for those who experience situations, emotions, or feelings. The aim of this workshop is to get a clearer sense of the varied uses of words clustered around the idea of ‘subjectivity’ and explore what questions we can ask with them, and what new perspectives or approaches they give rise to. To grasp the concept of the subject, it is useful to see how it is related to and different from other concepts in its neighbourhood—such as ‘person,’ ‘self,’ and ‘agent.’

The workshop will consist of separate sessions for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the form of one-on-one mentoring, group discussions and, finally, presentation of papers with critical discussions. After the conclusion of the workshop, participating students will get three months to work on their essays, which will be due for submission to the Oceanvale award jury on 30 June 2019. The word limit for undergraduate papers is 3,000 words, and for postgraduate 5,000 words. The best paper in each category will receive a cash award of Rs. 10,000. Essays that display exceptional scholarly abilities—including but not limited to those that win the cash award—will also be published both online as well as in print.

Concept Note