How to Apply

The dates for the Autumn and Spring workshops, and corresponding due dates for applications, will be announced at the beginning of each semester. The last date for applications for the Spring 2019 programme was 15 January 2019.

A complete application should include:

  • A writing sample of 500 to 1000 words, which may be an older paper by the applicant, or an excerpt therefrom.
  • An abstract composed with reference to the readings and the theme of the workshop. Texts not referred to in the readings but pertinent to the theme may be included for analysis.
  • One recommendation letter from one of your teachers. In the case of MA students, the recommendation letter may be written either by one of their current faculty, or by a teacher from the college from which the student graduated. The recommendation letter should be confidential, and focus on the student’s research, analytical, and writing skills, and scholarly potential.

Please email the complete application via your teacher in-charge to You may also mail your writing sample and abstract from your personal email account to the aforementioned address, and request your referee to email her recommendation to the same address with your name and that of your college in the subject line, thus: ‘Recommendation: Aranya, KMC.’

The applications will be screened by the Oceanvale committee in the Department of English at Kirori Mal College, and the eight MA and twelve BA students shortlisted for the workshop will be notified via email, and their names displayed on the Oceanvale website.

Applicants may apply as often as they like but they may participate in the Oceanvale programme for no more than two workshops in each category. Thus a student may participate in two Oceanvale workshops during BA and another two in the course of MA.

In their second workshop in each category, a participant must work on a new project rather than bring in a paper from the previous workshop she may have participated in. Participants may, however, use their Oceanvale papers as writing samples in subsequent applications.

If you have a question, please get in touch with any of the following via email or phone:

Rudrashish Chakravarty      9654122823

Shashank Das                        9891371396

Someshwar Sati                   9958349702

Sunjay Sharma