August 31: Publication of the list of shortlisted participants in the ‘Oceanvale@KMC’ section of the KMC website [KMC Homepage URL: http://www.kmcollege.ac.in/ ].

September 4: Orientation programme from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM for Oceanvale scholars in the academic auditorium at Kirori Mal College.

September 14: Students participating in the workshop email their draft papers to oceanvale.kmc@gmail.com.

September 20: The first workshop for participating students with the Oceanvale committee in the department of English at Kirori Mal College will be held at the following venues from 2:30 to 4:00 PM:

BA, Gr I, IV and Ankita and Richa from Gr. V: Seminar Room. Facilitator: Alka.
BA, Gr. II, III and Kritika and Palak from Gr. V: Committee Room. Facilitator: Keval.
MA Students: Academic Auditorium. Facilitator: Sunjay.

September 21: Due date for mailing your revised papers to oceanvale.kmc@gmail.com. These papers will be shared with Professor Sukanta Chaudhuri, Professor Prasanta Chakravarty, and Professor NA Jacob for the workshop sessions beginning September 25.

September 24 – 29: The Oceanvale programme begins with the students bringing in their essays to the workshop. The students participate in an intensive series of sessions spread over six days—in consultation with Professor Sukanta Chaudhuri, Professor Prasanta Chakravarty, Professor NA Jacob—to work on their papers.

These papers will be presented to an audience of literature students and teachers for analysis and discussion over the last three days of the Oceanvale programme.

Schedule for the workshop

December 30: Due date for the final essays which will be evaluated by a jury of three scholars with the best essay in undergraduate and postgraduate category each getting an award of Rs. 10000. At a later stage in the programme the best essays—and not only the prize-winning ones—emerging from the workshop will be published, both online and in print.